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Purchasing Is Changing

Global supply management function leads to success

The role, importance, and focal activities of purchasing departments have changed tremendously, especially in industrial companies whose purchasing volume frequently exceeds 50% of turnover. What is called for – but is often realized only in part – is a strategically oriented, closely networked global supply management function which makes a major contribution to the company’s success.

Interpreting trends and improving performance

The Detecon Trend Radar identifies and evaluates current developments in the areas of logistics, procurement, and supply management. We analyze trends for their operational and strategic impact and draw conclusions from the results which we use as a basis for recommendations for action. Cooperating closely with our clients, we strengthen and improve their procurement performance.

Realignment and successful transformation

Purchasing departments will have to realign themselves with regard to personnel, organization, processes, and IT technologies if they want to keep pace with the abrupt rise in requirements. But how can a primarily operational material management be turned into a strategic global supply management function which is recognized and accepted by the business side, integrated at an early stage, and quite properly, asserts its claim to representation in the company’s top management?

There is no such thing as a simple, selective solution; a number of actions must be bundled. In cooperation with our clients, we develop a strict transformation program tailored to meet their specific needs. Our expertise in the field of procurement excellence covers the full range of challenges facing purchasing departments, from the definition of the procurement strategy to its successful transformation and implementation.




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