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"The only constant is change"

The key to success for telecommunications companies is in keeping up with the accelerating pace of innovation in the ICT sector. To do so, established telcos must constantly reinvent themselves; in view of the steadily evolving needs of customers and the falling of the barriers to market entry, a high level of market orientation, focus, and innovation is demanded.


Global Innovation Index has announced top innovative countries

As Business Insider reports (, the most innovative countries have been ranked for 2017. The original report is an interesting read.

Retail MVNO 2.0 - A New Channel for Digital Customer Relationship Development

How can retailers take advantage of digital technologies to improve their business and the customer experience? For many retailers, offering mobile telco services has enormous potential, thus in Germany almost every major retailer has launched an MVNO. But are they already exploiting in full the potential slumbering in MVNO offerings? Read our new article to get more insights...

Rise of China as the World's Second Largest Insurance Market

China recently became the second largest insurance market in the world. Following a double-digit growth in recent years and by achieving 422,1 billion dollars in premium value, China finally surpassed Japan in 2016. Although the market share of foreign insurance companies is fairly small, its potential and growth is unclear due to government' recent restrictions to limit capital outflow.

Technology Trends and Innovation Possibilites

Gartner lists 10 technology trends that can fit into one or more primary topics: machine learning and AI, digitalization and virtualization, distributed/decentralized computing, internet of things (IoT) and mesh. By investigating and investing in these t more


First Findings of the International Partnering Study available

The mission of the International Detecon Partnering Study was to determine the global status of the development of partnering in the telecommunications industry and to identify the key factors for the optimization of profits through partnering (return on more

The Partnering Study will be availabe as an executive paper in December 2016, contact:

OTT partnering is challenging the inner beast of telco operators

As with marriage, partnerships between startups and telcos start off with high expectations on both sides but often end in disappointment. After looking into why operators embrace OTTs in our first article, this article focuses on cultural differences between these partners and how they impact the partnership.

Cross-Company Partnering for Innovation

In an increasingly digital and connected environment, leaders of established companies frequently find themselves facing opportunities that they—or even their industries—cannot seize alone. Instead of relying on start-ups to create innovations and then buying in to them, organizations are partnering in a "ecosystem innovation" process to develop and commercialize (successfully) new concepts.

Why are housholds the target group of the future?

In order to stay competitive telecommunication companies have to focus on the customer experience. But which experiences should be created by telcos? The answer lies in the changing consumer bahvior triggered by digitalization and in the trend to integrated solutions. This development and the economic potential turn private households into an attractive target group.

Cooperation on the Test Bench - Smart Business Networks within the Telco Industry

Partnering is a hot topic in the telco industry. It is has become a major source of growth and differentiation.One which we examined more closely in our partnering study. The findings are revealing: 75% of the participants confirmed that partnering has be more

Dr. Christian Krämer, Tel. 0170 780 90 90, Global Competence Team Strategy-Innovation-Products

Detecon Paper wins The Best Technology Paper Award on the ISPIM Conference 2016 in Porto

Detecon paper “The Impact of the IoT on Product Development and Management” presented at the conference for the International Society for Professional Innovation Management won The Best Technology Award. The ISPIM Best Paper Award on “Practical Impl more

Authors: Julius Golovatchev, Prodip Chatterjee, Florian Kraus, Roger Schüssl

Fintechs have banks for breakfast: Why now is the time to embrace the challenge

Digital disruption – and the fear of being Ubered or Amazoned - is the foremost issue on C-levels today. About 4,000 Fintech startups threaten banks across all business units. With their core business under attack, banks should now focus on embracing st more

Households as customers

How do telcos get there? A development path offers guidance. Read more soon in Future Telco III.

OTTs & Cellcoms - When competitors turn into partners

While some operators still view OTTs as a threat, calling for stricter regulations, others choose to improve their customer proposition through OTT partnering. But what does it take for tele-coms to benefit from such partnerships? What kind of cooperation more


Mobile Virtual Network Operators in South Africa

Recently, MTN South Africa announced it will start hosting MVNOs. Globally, the MVNO business model is becoming more and more popular. However, only 3 out of every 4 MVNOs manage to successfully setup and sustain their business. Detecon identified the key characteristics of successful MVNOs.

Fostering Innovation in the Telecom Industry through Partnerships

Telecom operators are currently pursuing global alliances to strengthen their innovation arms. In this article we explain about the evolution of this approach and the associated tradeoffs. more

Key Factors drive the Success in Partnering

Enterprises break new ground in entering digital markets by increasingly cooperating with partners from different industries at multiple stages of their value chain. Throughout the course of a multitude of partnering projects with operators as well as thr more

Author: Dr. Christian Krämer; sources (Ovum M2M/IoT-Tracker 2015).

Bringing Out the Best in Your Partners

The creation of intelligent partner ecosystems generates new solutions that go beyond the borders of any specific industry. Efficient integration goes hand in hand with the selection of the right partners to ensure joint success in competitive environments.

Next Generation Telco PLM

In order to be in a position to cope with this new complexity dilemma and to safeguard sustainable competitiveness, it is vital for carriers to implement an integrated, holistic approach for managing the different dimensions of complexity.

Partnering Study

Partnering & Cooperation

The mission of the International Detecon Partnering Study was to determine the global status of the development of partnering in the telecommunications industry and to identify the key factors for the optimization of profits through partnering (return on partnering). The fundamental data came from 25 in-depth interviews conducted internationally with partnering experts in telco companies, most of which ranged in corporate size between €1 billion and €20 billion.“Win with partners” is a hot topic in telco industry. Partnerships have become a strategic weapon for telcos to help them strengthen their market position as well as differentiate their market approach. At Detecon International, we are currently conducting an international partnering study.

Click here to download the study:

Detecon Partnering Studie