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Tangible Benefits through digital Business Process Management (dBPM)

Emerging trends are digitizing the process world

Emerging trends arise almost everywhere. Machine-to-Machine (M2M), Internet-of-Things (IoT), Virtualization, Industry 4.0, Big Data, Cloud, and Over-the-Top (OTT) services are only some of the well-known emerging trends across all industries that are literally digitizing the world. These trends are impacting the entire value chain of organizations – internally and externally - and often require significant transformations.

Detecon is the only consulting company that really understands and knows how to tackle the digitization challenges in the context of dBPM. We have a proven track record of successfully delivered projects for clients from various industries with the objective of entering completely new territories.

The need for BPM

Irrespective of the industry, the expectations towards organizations in terms of efficiency and effectiveness have changed tremendously during the last decades. Challenges of today’s organizations are for example enhanced customer orientation and product innovation combined with cost savings as well as shorter production cycles. In many cases this leads to isolated continuous improvement and restructuring initiatives in different departments – especially from a BPM perspective.

While some organizations are able to plan, design, and implement these changes successfully, others become lost in a labyrinth of unaligned activities. Major challenge for organizations is to understand the interrelation between different topics and to design, plan, and implement a well-defined BPM for the whole organization.

Detecon’s BPM lifecycle

The Detecon BPM lifecycle has successfully been utilized in organizations from various industries and it combines all benefits that ambitious organizations are searching for:
It is lean, standardized, implementable and proven in practice. Our BPM lifecycle

  • takes existing processes and strategic company targets into consideration;
  • provides guidelines for designing processes following a top-down methodology;
  • assigns clear roles and responsibilities through a process ownership concept;
  • strongly emphasizes skill development of employees through trainings;
  • anchors performance management mechanisms with Key Performance Indicators; (KPIs) and Service Level Agreements (SLAs);
  • ensures implementability by involving stakeholders; and
  • realizes continuous process improvement through advanced techniques.

In contrast to the classical process design from a top-down perspective new agile and cross-industry BPM methodologies have evolved. In the context of agile BPM, Detecon uses for example subject-oriented BPM (S-BPM). In S-BPM the focus is on the individual actors and their process-related communication relationship.

Applying leading industry standards is not enough

Organizations have realized that the utilization of leading industry standards lead to tangible benefits while developing and implementing business processes. For Detecon the application of leading industry standards is not enough. Consequently, Detecon lead the further development of the Business Process Framework (eTOM) in close cooperation with the TM Forum. Based on our eTOM expertise, we have developed similar process frameworks for other vertical industries including healthcare, transport and logistics, and energy.


Naturally, not artificially intelligent.

Artificial intelligence (AI) uncovers hidden customer needs and wishes. The data, information, and paths provided by customers to the providers are decisive. BPM providers will make artificial intelligence naturally usable for their clients.

My products are developed faster than my processes.

With agile BPM, processes are continuous improved as to the customers needs, e.g. by using Scrum. Through the, in this way, resulting transparency, it is possible to connect single components with processes and business profits much better.

Digitalization — but where do I start?

There are several “defined breaking points” in my end-2-end process. Automatization enables me to pick up at these points very quickly. The use of software robots makes this possible. More, see ....

How do I close process gaps?

My employees spend an enormous amount of time reprocessing information from various IT systems. Software robots could offer quick support that would ease the burdens on the employees. The employees can then concentrate on added-value activities. More, see Link.

The way you operate tactfully on the market...

is a question for your business process management. Your BPM has a holistic understanding of your customers. Needs are determined, and the customers are taken along. And the results are emotive process and IT.

How quickly can you respond to cyber-fraud?

Many customers feel taken by surprise and overwhelmed by cyber-fraud. The new Digital Business Platform 2.0 makes it possible to analyze large volumes of transaction data in real time and to automate important processes in the fraud detection department. Fraud can be recognized more quickly and risks of losses are minimized! Don’t get caught by swindlers. Turn things around and keep Control.

COMING SOON: Reference Architecture for Telecommunications Industry

The first book that explains the overall architectural transformation of telecommunications operators- co-authored by our Colleague Christian Dietze.

IoT Prozess-Framework

Haben Sie Interesse an IoT Value Chains? Im angefügten Video präsentiert Oracle ein spannendes Beispiel einer solchen Ende-Zu-Ende IoT Lösung. Aktuell arbeiten wir an einem IoT Business Prozess-Framework, welches die Business Prozesse in IoT Value Chains abbilden sollen.

IoT Process Framework

Interested in IoT value chains? An exciting real life example of Oracles end-2-end IoT solution can be found in the attached Video, which I found on Youtube. We are currently working on an IoT Business Process Framework illustrating how business processes in an IoT value chain could look like. Please stay tuned for more Information.

The interplay of dBPM, IoT, and Blockchain Technology

We often read about technology that can "Change the world", but seldomly we go deeper and connect the current world with futuristic technologies. That is exactly why we did this for you in our latest article. Results: dBPM is a process definiti more

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Event Driven BPM: Kennen Sie das Problem im Unternehmen...

Ein Kunde erzählte uns, dass durch eine Verzögerung eines Zulieferers die gesamte Produktion gestoppt werden musste. Hätte er Event-Driven Business Process Management eingesetzt, um unvorhergesehene Ereignisse in Prozessen proaktiv zu erkennen, wäre es ihm möglich gewesen, frühzeitig dagegen anzusteuern. Die Produktion hätte nicht gestoppt werden müssen. Inhalt und Vorteile siehe Link.

Are you reactive or even proactive?

Does the Event-Driven Business Process Management (EDBPM) offer a solution for your problem? From our point of view EDBPM has the potential to be established as core technology. This means to appear and being an extension of BPM with items like Big data analysis and predictive Big Data und Real-Time Analytics.

Sind Sie noch reaktiv oder auch schon proaktiv?

Bietet das neue EDBPM (Event-Driven Business Process Management) eine Lösung für Ihr Problem? Aus unserer Sicht hat EDBPM das Potential, sich als Schlüsseltechnologie zur Erweiterung von BPM mit aktuellen Trendthemen wie Datenanalyse und Prognose in Echtzeit (Big Data und Real-Time Analytics) sowie der Verschmelzung von IT und physikalischer Welt (IoT und Cyper Physical Systems) zu etablieren.

BPM Meets Blockchain

Have you heard about the disruptive Innovation blockchain? In combination with BPM, both can reinforce the world? Detecon is currently working on the Topic and will soon publish "Achieving process auomation thorugh blockchains". Until then, please get informed on the Topic below.. Stay tuned!"

Subject-oriented business process management

Subject-oriented business process management (S-BPM) puts the spotlight squarely on the actors and their communication relationships within a process. The flow of information among the involved parties rather than the flow of objects becomes the center of interest. The participants actively shape the process and become capable of implementing market and customer requirements more quickly. The time

Trendradar BPM

We comb through market information and analyze the latest trends and innovations in the field of BPM so that you are always up to date! With the aid of the Detecon expert assessment, you can judge the relevance for your company at a single glance.

Read more about the Trendradars: Trend-Archiv.

Trendradar 3/2017

Artificial intelligence links BPM and product development. Thanks to high data quality, true friendships and valuable customer relationships are created. 

Trendradar BPM 3/2017. Detecon International

Trendradar 2/2017

Agile BPM

Trendradar Agile BPM

Trendradar 1/2017

  The use of software robots enables the fast bridging of automation gaps without requiring adaptations in the legacy IT.

Trendradar software robots, Detecon International