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Technology Strategy Determines the Course

The speed of innovation in communications and information technologies as well as the complexity of the markets are increasing rapidly. In view of such dynamics, the decision about the specific technology strategy or a corresponding migration between strategies is one of the most difficult aspects in company management because it also sets the long-term course for the company’s own competitive position.

Detecon can offer ICT industry experts with experience from all over the world and teams with crossover strategic, organizational, and technological know-how. Taking this as their starting point, our experts draw up homogeneous technology and portfolio strategies for ICT-based products and services. The planned use of technologies is oriented at all times to the specific business strategies and goals.

The Challenges for CEOs


  • How does Digital Technology change my business?
  • Which opportunities, risks and threats are coming up?
  • How can I benefit from Digital Technologies in my company?

His Benefits:

Detecon provides you with a strategy, on how to perform and create value in a future, where digital technologies change every business.
Your benefits from an IT Strategy are:

  • Clarity about the opportunities and risks of the digitization trend to the company
  • Measures on how to achieve business goals with this trend

The contribution of Digital Technologies to the success of the company

The Challenges for CIOs


  • What should my future IT look like to create most value for the company?
  • How can my IT quickly adapt to changing requirements?
  • How do I know which trend is relevant for the company?

His Benefits:

Detecon provides you with a game plan to contribute to the future of the company and set-up a successful IT. With the IT Strategy we show the latest trends to improve the IT landscape.
Your benefits from an IT Strategy are:

  • Clear distinction: what is in my scope and what is in the scope of e.g. the CDO / CFO
  • Clear direction: ability to decide which trends are relevant and which are not

Improved operations: do the right things

The Challenges for CDOs


  • How to do the digital transformation?
  • How to develop new digital business models?
  • What IT capabilities does my company need to handle digitization?

His Benefits:

Detecon helps you transforming the company to a digital company. Through analyzing the company’s business models and technical know-how, we identify digital opportunities and show how to commercialize and implement those.
Your benefits from a Digital Strategy are:

  • Portfolio of Capabilities (People, Process, Technologies) for the digital transformation
  • Heat-Map of the digital capabilities

Roadmap including governance structure

The Challenges for CFOs


  • How can we gain financial benefits by investing in digital technologies?
  • How do I ensure the focus on strategic initiatives with financial benefits?
  • Can I balance IT investments/cost over the entire organization?
  • How can the IT be set-up in a cost efficient way?

His Benefits

Detecon provides you with tools and methods to assess costs and find optimization potential. From cost savings in the software procurement to the overall costs of the IT.
Your benefits from an IT Strategy are:

  • Efficiency of business operations
  • Efficiency of IT
  • Capital return & lower investment risk

Optimization of procurement function

The Challenges for COOs


  • How can the company’s value chain be optimized by the digital transformation?
  • Which new services can support the digital transformation? (IoT, Robotics, …)
  • How can new business models be set up in operations?

His Benefits:

Detecon helps you assessing your digital capabilities through analyzing your processes and capabilities. We ensure the production and availability of services and offer opportunities to optimize processes to decrease lead-times and costs and increase quality.
Your benefits from a Digital Strategy are:

  • Ensure that COO’s objectives are taken into account and operationalize the business strategy
  • Unveiled automation and effectiveness potentials of business processes
  • Risk management in the area of ​​business continuity




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