DETECON Consulting

Management Through Measurability and Transparency

Effective management of a company includes effective design of financial functions and early recognition of risks. The focus is on the fast and reliable provision of information relevant for decisions and management to stakeholders and top management. Major fields of action here include support for restructuring, implementation of cost efficiency programs, creation of transparent management logic, and fulfillment of internal and external compliance requirements. Transparent planning and standardized reporting as well as functional internal controlling systems serve the analysis and management of processes and risks.

Moreover, Detecon brings in best practices for structures and processes in accounting and controlling. For instance, relevant information must be made available efficiently and in high quality, and repetitive tasks must be transformed into business-oriented activities which contribute content of added value. This can be secured efficiently only if information processes and tools are automated and controlling structures are harmonized.

Our specialization at the interface between finance and IT makes us the ideal partner for ensuring consistency in the information which is provided and in the successful establishment of efficient and integrated accounting and financial reporting. All of these factors together create a foundation for increasing efficiency, reducing costs, and securing effective corporate management for the long term.

Our Services:

  • Benchmarks and best practice approaches for finance processes and organization
  • Creation of an organizational concept for the finance department
  • Creation of the concept and implementation of performance indicator systems
  • Creation of the concept and optimization of strategic and operational planning, budgeting, and reporting and forecasting systems
  • Optimization of accounting processes
  • Optimization of close-out processes/fast close
  • Financial data management, including optimization of the transactional IT systems
  • Control and reduction of costs; early warning systems
  • Benchmarks for internal and external costs
  • Working capital management
  • CAPEX optimization
  • Project portfolio management





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