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ERP – Trends in Digital Transformation

What impact will trends such as Industry 4.0, cloud, and new IT technologies have on the development of the ERP landscape? There is still plenty of uncertainty, but one thing is sure: tremendous upheavals on the ERP landscapes of companies are on the way.

Especially Industry 4.0, the fourth Industrial Revolution, will transform the importance and role of ERP. However, Detecon sees the opportunities that ERP systems will continue to offer in their role as backbone and hub for the networking of systems, services, etc. in the course of digital transformation.

The development of ERP apps and cloud ERP is eroding monolithic ERP landscapes and their all-encompassing functionalities. Companies must respond faster than ever before to changes in market demands and the needs of their customers. Doing so requires more flexible processes and more dynamic IT support.

Generally speaking, every company is on the lookout for professional portfolio management of applications. Detecon begins by analyzing the existing system landscape, taking a hard look at its functionalities, licenses, and vendors. A single application is always regarded within the context of its life cycle and as a part of a portfolio of systems which logically belong together.

Detecon ERP Advisory Services

Detecon ERP Advisory Services help companies with the establishment of a holistic SAP approach - from strategy to implementation

Harmonized ERP systems which provide reliable information to a company’s organization lay a solid foundation for successful business operations.

Detecon helps clients to answer the following questions:

  • How can companies keep pace with the accelerating dynamics of events, yet at the same time give full consideration to standardized end-to-end processes so that IT costs are reduced?
  • How do companies obtain consistent data so that they can steer their business quickly and correctly, confident that the basis for their decisions is reliable?
  • Has everything on the IT side been set up so that the company can exploit digital transformation and the resulting changes for their business as a great opportunity?
Detecon ERP Advisory Services

We have more than 40 experienced consultants with expertise in this field and in the use of the appropriate tools, so we can advise clients on subjects ranging from top management to system customizing in the following areas:

  • Purchasing and Logistics // SAP modules: SRM, MM, SUS
  • Financial Management // SAP modules: FI, CO
  • Human Resources Management // SAP module: HR

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