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Would you like to have a part in shaping the world of tomorrow? When you work with us, you will gain exciting insights. Our trump card is the unique combination of technological expertise, business know-how, and experience in handling transformation which is an especially distinguishing feature of our consultants. They have proven this over and over in innumerable successful projects covering the whole digital world in Germany and abroad. Leading digital!

WANTED: Digital Minds

You are bold, creative, and cosmopolitan – these are the qualities which characterize Detecon consultants and which we want to see in you.

You are enthusiastic about technologies and business and view yourself as a part of the digital future. You have made substantial progress toward your degree in economics, technology, or natural science. Ideally, you have gained experience during high-level internships in relevant areas and have shown that your horizon extends substantially farther than the next examination. We are happy to see you have spent one or more semesters abroad or have had initial experience working internationally. And if you can point to a long-term commitment to an area or a cause alongside your studies – whether social, cultural, or even athletic – that will really arouse our interest in you.

Bachelor’s or Master’s Thesis

Master your degree

You have successfully completed your course of study and have already gained practical experience. Time for the final push – write your bachelor’s or master’s thesis at Detecon! We are looking for involved and creative students who like to take on demanding and exciting topics. We look forward to hearing about your concrete ideas. But we will also be glad to work with you on the development of a topic for the paper.

Take advantage of our comprehensive knowledge databases and research services. And take an active part in networking in the company by attending internal meetings, utilizing the training and advanced training programs designed for our young consultants, and sharing with other students (program Students@Detecon). Take off for the successful conclusion of your studies with us!

Internship and Working Student Employment

Experience “live” consulting

Out of the ivory tower, into the real world: you will be fully integrated into our work right from the beginning. Gain extensive practical experience related to typical issues and cases in the consulting business. You will handle your tasks autonomously and on your own responsibility. You might, for example, be involved in a study on “Connected Cars” – from the drafting of the concept to the survey to the analysis. Or you draw up a concept for an IT audit in a midsize company or conduct a market analysis for a large European mobile network operator.

Whatever the details of the subject during your internship or time as a working student with us: you will gain in-depth insights into our consulting work, amass tremendous know-how in just a short time, and gain extensive understanding of our practical work. Show initiative, and bring your ideas with you. Your friendly co-workers will be ready to listen to your questions at any time. You will be paid attractive compensation from us for your work, and perhaps your time at Detecon will become the first step to an exciting career with us.


Always on an Equal Footing

Our student program offers you guidance before, during, and after your time of service at Detecon. Personal support and the contact with you are very important to us.

During your internship, you can play an active role in our projects, and you will be assigned a personal coach. You will be assured of regular feedback structured along the lines of our Detecon competence model – about your skills, strengths, and opportunities for personal development. Your coach will continue to be available to answer your questions even after you have completed your internship.

Be an active networker. Meet students and consultants at in-house events. Establish contacts to enhance your opportunities and expand your personal network. There is something for everyone, from “application training” to “introduction to the everyday work of a consultant”. Attend interdisciplinary talks, our Students Breakfast, or our regular format Meet & Talk where top management, executives, and consultants meet in a relaxed atmosphere.


Philip Pytel, Consultant

Philipp began working in Detecon’s Public Sector during his interdisciplinary studies when he had an internship in the company. Now working as a consultant, he supports not only our public sector clients, but also a broad range of the Cluster Service’s clients during their digital transformation. During his daily work, he is especially appreciative of the teamwork and the great diversity of the projects at Detecon.

Thinking Space

Working in an extraordinary corporate culture

Integrity and appreciation, enthusiasm and reliability: these are values which we stand for and which we embody. We are all part of the same team, and our performance for our clients is always tops. Detecon offers you an extraordinary working environment where you will have optimal support. Communication and cooperation are at the focal point.

Fifteen international artists have transformed our premises at corporate headquarters in Cologne and our other locations into imaginative worlds of experience. Our art concept gives you the space needed for sharing personally with colleagues. Expand your horizons and look at things from various perspectives. We are counting on your professional expertise, but we depend even more on your creativity and your willingness to think outside the box.

Our Values

We constantly share our knowledge with one another, give one another support and encouragement, and value the work done by others. Teamwork is the lifeblood of our everyday work at Detecon. That is the basis for our joint success. We are open to your questions and treat one another fairly. We inspire one other, carry on constructive discussions with one another, and together we go the extra mile for our clients.

We rely on flat hierarchies. Our decision-maker culture is aimed at producing results without being authoritarian. You will have plenty of opportunities to assume responsibility after only a short time and to stake out the breathing space you need – more than usual in this kind of situation. We regard readiness to perform at the highest level and to work autonomously as a given.

Our employees around the world differ from one another in many respects: sex, origin, cultural and social background, and religious affiliation. We employ people from more than 30 nations and have successfully conducted projects in more than 160 countries. We are all united by our lives in a corporate culture which respects the social and professional needs of people everywhere. The internationality and diversity integral at Detecon are a tremendous advantage in a business world which is becoming increasingly global in its scope. We deliberately utilize these advantages for the further development of our company.

Here at Detecon, consultants have good opportunities to develop personally at a rapid pace. You will learn the ins and outs of our business from personal coaching by consultants experienced in project work. During your first year, we will appoint a mentor to stand by your side. Exciting and challenging training programs are available for all of the career levels – for beginners as well as advanced professionals. Your opportunities for promotion are transparent and depend to a large degree on your personal development, project experience, and performance. But your personal and professional development need not without exception find expression in new career levels at every turn. We respect your wishes if you see your path in the evolvement of your expertise rather than in ascension through the hierarchy. Our concern, first and foremost, is that every consultant fulfill his/her role optimally with respect to our clients.

Corporate consultants work around the clock, are never at home, and do not have a personal life: a cliché, of course, but one with a kernel of truth. But performance at the highest level over the long term is simply impossible without a balance between work and leisure time. This is an area where we depend on breathing space, trust, and fairness. On the one hand, work clearly has to be given priority during critical project phases. But in other respects, you have a great deal of freedom in the scheduling of your workday – without supervision or time clocks. We trust you to do a good job. By and large, we leave the responsibility for deciding when to do it up to you. The results are what count for us – not a physical presence.

Experience in all Industries

We make ICT strategies work! We are determined to keep this promise to our clients, so our consultants accept an enormous range of challenges. We drive digital transformation forward. The tasks which we take on and solve for our clients are just as varied and different as the industries and the companies we work for worldwide. Our clients include companies from virtually every branch of the industrial and service sectors.

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