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We Assume Responsibility

Acting in awareness of our social responsibility and the environment is an integral component of our business strategy. Our position as a management consultancy operating on an international scale demands that we do our part to drive forward the sustained development of economy and society. One aspect of our contribution to these efforts is the directed application of our knowledge for the further development of social initiatives. Our embodiment of values such as integrity, sustainability, and appreciation of others is not limited to the walls of our consulting company and to client projects, but extends to socially oriented initiatives. We focus especially on guiding these initiatives through a time of great changes – the age of digital transformation.

We embody sustainability in our actions

We passionately devote our work, day for day, to the development of sustainable solutions, innovations, and business models which have a positive impact on society and the environment. We pay especially close attention to the cross-industry development of these new solutions which contribute to sustainable change. Every year, we conduct two pro bono projects on behalf of selected initiatives with a social or ecological focus within the framework of the initiative Volunteers and Ventures so that we sustainably create added value outside of our client projects as well.

Support for Your Project

Detecon initiative Volunteers and Ventures

Committed employees are the pillars of our CSR concept. Detecon Volunteers and Ventures is an initiative of the Young Consultants Network (YCN) – our in-house network for our young consultants. Within the framework of this initiative, we guide social entrepreneurs, foundations, citizen initiatives, or associations with a social objective in the realization of their goals. Detecon is supporting two outstanding projects this year by offering free consulting services in areas relevant for ICT. These pro bono projects give our young consultants the opportunity, right at the start of their careers, to take on responsibility for social changes and to recognize at an early stage of their lives the significance of sustained initiatives. The high quality of the project results is assured by the support of experienced consultants during the realization of the projects.

We will also support you in the age of digital transformation. Do not hesitate to contact us!

Projects which have been successfully supported


The development aid organization L'appel ( was in need of a sustainable fund-raising concept that would ensure the continuation of the organization’s successful aid projects in Central and West Africa in the long term. Acquisition of donations and the flow of funds needed to be put on a plannable and stable footing that would provide financing even beyond the short-term horizon so that the basis for many health and education projects could be secured and expanded. The team of Detecon consultants drew up concrete measures for a systematic fund-raising strategy that included (among other elements) the target group-specific address of private donors, companies, foundations, and institutions. Moreover, the work revolved around a comprehensive analysis and the later configuration of the appropriate customer management tools that would organize, as interactively and transparently as possible, the KPI-controlled reporting and the relationship management with all donors.

The association Generation iTrust e. V. has initiated the project Vir.BeL.Säule (virtual space for encounters and learning) and wants to establish a holistic encounter and learning platform as a place where people can learn to interact with one another on the basis of our common humanity. The platform is in particular oriented to refugees, the homeless, and long-term unemployed.

The consultant team from Detecon, starting from refugee work as an exemplary situation, prepared a realization path for the creation of the platform. In addition to an analysis of the fundamental technical requirements, the work included the development of a marketing concept to call attention to the platform and to involve its users over a long term. Moreover, the Detecon team prepared a financing concept to secure sustained basic financing for the association and to acquire short-term financial support for the realization of this project.

“DeutschlandJobs” would like to make use of the innovative job portal to build a bridge between the high unemployment (among young people) in some European countries and the chronic shortage of highly qualified workers in Germany. In support, Detecon provided a comprehensive business plan, a marketing strategy with concrete recommendations for action, and an optimization of the pitch deck for the presentation to additional potential investors.

The Berlin startup evivecare has set itself the goal of becoming the Number One provider of e-health solutions for stroke victims and the first choice for digitally supported therapies for leading hospitals and speech therapists. The five members of the Detecon team advised evivecare in three areas: founder support, finance, and governance.

Volunteers and Ventures: Africa Rise

The NGO Africa Rise requires a fundraising strategy to generate higher donation revenues and a platform for the exchange of data and communication among the NGO in Germany, the on-site projects, sponsors, and volunteers. The latter is to be realized on the basis of Salesforce and phpBB3 and of a new central home page as the “entrance gateway”.

Detecon has developed strategic recommendations for action driving (inter-)national growth on behalf of the startup Berlin Geekettes. Based on the results of a survey among members and partner companies, proposals for a new product portfolio were drawn up, price calculations were prepared, and launch plans for new locations were developed.

Detecon developed proposals for a strategic market approach as a way to support the organization and its innovative concept for the encouragement of own initiatives in schools. A total of 1,000 schools involving about 70,000 students took part in the campaign "Das macht Schule".

Detecon supported AIESEC in managing its requirements for a new CRM software program. The requirements for the new program were developed in collaboration with a team from AIESEC and compared with the specifications offered by manufacturers. Three CRM systems which most closely satisfied the requirements were presented to AIESEC.

Detecon supported ICLEI during the selection and implementation of an interactive online platform for improvement of virtual collaboration. The subject of the project focused in particular on requirements management and the comparison of quotes from various providers based on the previously defined criteria.

Detecon developed an assessment framework based on the client’s requirements. It was in turn used to propose a cloud-based CRM solution which will in the future provide better support for cooperation and planning of the work by the Bonner Spendenparlament.

Detecon supported the Desertec Foundation during the restructuring of its financing. The Desertec Foundation would like to maintain its independence from industrial partners, and so new ways of financing a solar power plant and of disseminating the “Desertec” concept were sought. Detecon supported the preparation of these concepts and submitted a detailed proposal for a solution to the Desertec Foundation.