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Innovation. Increase. Integration.

Leading digital – well consulted into the future. Detecon is one of the world’s leading management consulting companies and member of the Telekom Group, one which combines classic management consulting with outstanding technological expertise. This approach of thinking in terms of these two areas simultaneously will determine the future performance of every company.

Digitalization has advanced to become today the overriding challenge of a globalized economy cutting across the boundaries of industries and sectors. Digital technologies are in our world no longer the vicarious agents for the business side – IT is becoming the core of products, business models, and processes. Broadband networks create the fundamental platform for a networked world.

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Creativity. Competence. Connectivity.

Our business is consulting, our strengths are digital technologies and networks. For more than 30 years, we have been supporting companies and telecommunications providers around the globe, helping them to improve the sustainability of their competitiveness and performance capabilities along the entire value chain with the aid of innovative technologies. Moreover, we offer our clients solutions in all fields of classic corporate consulting: strategy, organization, processes, and HR management.

Creativity. Competence. Connectivity.

The consultants at Detecon help their clients to rethink business models, to digitalize procedures and processes, to network customers with companies, and to build the platforms for customers, companies, and products.

Our consultants at Detecon Hungary are high qualified, experienced employees. We understand the processes and business models of our clients and know how they can exploit technology to gain a decisive and sustained lead over their competition. We build the bridge between the business and the ICT perspectives.

We appreciate and use every unique talent of our consultants. As big as the difference between each one is, nobody ever loses his curiosity about the economy, his creativity nor his engagement.

We stay close to the customers and always fulfill their needs.

Transformation. Technologies. Telecommunication.

Detecon Hungary is the trusted Advisor for Magyar Telekom Group. We overcome many projects together. We are successful because of our local presence, our international understanding and our big ICT experience.

Mainly our international clients are big DAX companies and their local subsidiaries. Every company who wants to optimize in digital Transformation is supported by us by using ICT-supported business models and technologies.

Transformation. Technologies. Telecommunication.

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